Car Mat Cleaning for self serve

Heated Water Hose 1 m - 20 m for Wash-Mat

product description

Heated water hose for use with our Mat Cleaner in winter operation

  • Thelengthof thehoseisproducedaccording to customer requirements,sothatitisindividuallyadaptedtoyourneeds.
  • Theheatedwaterallowsareastheuseofwash-matincoldas well asinthecoldwinter time.
  • Thefreezingof thehoseisverhindet,this allowsthewash-mattoperformthecompletecleaning of thecar floor matsincoldwinter days.


  • Heatedwater hose 2.0m
  • Inner tube(water hose Gardena)
  • 230V,powercord 1, 5 m withoutplug
  • frost protection External protectionPA corrugated hose
  • Inner tubeapprox. 50 cm standing over

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